Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Which pumpkin?

I'm not a food picture blogger and never will be, because I happen to be quite a messy and impatient cook. I absolutely love a meal with a fabulous presentation, but with two little munchkins running around, it just doesn't happen. And I taste things immediately (usually burning my tongue!) which also messes up the presentation. And I simply never think of taking a picture.

But last night I took a picture because I just had to show you the difference between these two pumpkins. All my life, I've thought that the pumpkin you buy for baking is a "pie pumpkin" ... makes sense, right? But last Saturday I actually asked my farmer about what pumpkin he recommends and he told me that pie pumpkins are no longer good for baking!! Who knew? He said that they used to be, but have changed genetically over time. I was pretty bummed, because I had already bought 7 pie pumpkins last week. But I took his advice and bought 3 humongous Indian River Pumpkins. And then I cooked them side by side in the pan. Can you tell which one is the Indian River? Oh, yes, the deep orange one that made me want to just eat scoops of puree with my spoon. The pie pumpkin on the right? It was much drier and stringy and reminded me more of a squash that I didn't like. I am definitely going to be buying only Indian River pumpkins from now on!
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Justin and Gi said...

I am with you! Love Indian River Pumpkins! And I found our blog through google-researching this specific kind...who knew I could find a friends blog on google. :)
Cooking my pumpkins right now....!
Happy pumpkin pie or muffins or cookies or chowder!
Gi Hime