Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Meal Plan

Ever since deciding to remove gluten from Karlie's diet, meal planning has been a bit more stressful. I'll be trying out a lot of new recipes this month (relying heavily on Pinterest) and I sure hope that my picky eater will like them!

Snacks to try:
Doritos-style chips made from cauliflower or zucchini

Week 1 Breakfasts:

Hashbrowns, bacon, and scrambled eggs

Week 1 Dinners:
crab cakes
tomato soup and grilled cheese

Week 2 Breakfasts:

Week 2 Dinners:
Jamie Oliver's macaroni and cauliflower cheese with bacon. I'll use brown rice pasta
Potato leek soup (recipe coming from a friend)

Week 3 Breakfasts:
bacon, scrambled eggs, and home-made hashbrowns
home-made cereal (I'm going to experiment to make it gluten-free)

Week 3 Dinners:
lasagna soup (but use rice noodles)
Baked hummus and spinach dip with almond flour crackers
Sweet and sour chicken with zucchini tots (using blanched almond flour)
Taco salad

Week 4 Breakfasts:
Scrambled eggs and chicken apple sausage

Week 4 Dinners:
Pizza (hopefully I'll have a good GF recipe by then)


Jennifer said...

I haven't ever cooked gluten free... but I follow a recipe blog and she has a whole GF section because her and her daughters eat GF. I thought of you when you mentioned a GF pizza. This is a link to her pizza crust. She has other recipes listed and I thought it might give you some ideas. I've made a lot of her regular recipes and loved all of them... so I'd hope her GF were just as yummy :)

also, I make your Pinwheel Chicken all the time.. it's a favorite in our house now :)

frank and kristin said...

Hi Meg :)
I haven't made a gluten free pizza crust from scratch before, but I do know that Bob's Red Mill makes a mix for one that is really yummy. I actually get two medium pizzas out of one mix which comes down to about 1.75 per pizza for the dough. I also tried this recipe the other day and instead of using regular pasta I used a brown rice pasta from Trader Joe's. It was yummy!
Good luck with your new GF venture! That's gotta be a lot of hard work!

Lauren P said...

Thanks for posting your meal plan! It is extremely helpful and I will definitely be using a lot of these recipes!

A great, easy gluten free pizza is this chebe bread brand:

The Italian recipe on the back is great! You can buy a box of 8 packets for about 20 dollars. This is great for a last minute meal or when you need to make dinner in a rush.

Another great gluten free breakfast that is budget friendly is banana pancakes:
3 bananas
3 eggs
1/4 cup almond butter

Mash everything together until it is somewhat blended. Add mixture to a food processor and blend until smooth. Use coconut oil to grease pan and then make pancakes as you normally would. I had trouble at first getting them to stay together when I flipped them, but I realized you just have to let it sit there for a little bit longer than you would normal pancakes (they look really brown, but they do not taste burnt). Once you have flipped the other side cooks really quick and you don't have to leave it as long on the skillet. These pancakes are so good and you cannot tell that they are gluten free!!!

I hope you enjoy! Can't wait to try some of yours!

amanda said...

Hi! I went to school with Mark and enjoy reading your blog. I have a wheat allergy and I have a great pizza crust recipe. If you email me, I can send it your way. I do not cook with alot of flours. I like to find everyday substitutions for what I used to eat before being diagnosed with my allergy.