Saturday, June 5, 2010

Our favorite healthy quick snacks

Frozen bananas with peanut butter. This is one of my favorite night-time snacks. Frozen bananas taste remarkably like ice cream! I usually add some plain yogurt for a creamy kick as well. Sometimes I will add in some granola and/or coconut flakes to give it a crunch. Or some nutella or chocolate chips to satisfy a chocolate craving!
Tortilla pizzas -- When I make tortillas, I triple the recipe so I have enough for a month or two. So we always have tortillas on hand.
soaked and dehydrated almonds

soaked and dehydrated pecans
smoothy popsicles -- I make a super healthy smoothy with coconut milk, frozen fruit, raw honey, and other favorites and freeze it into popsicle molds for a quick, healthy treat
cheese chunks, raw if possible!-- if I am doing "snacks for lunch" I always include cheese to make sure my girls get plenty of dairy and protein!
grapes, apple slices, banana, and other fruit, often with sunflower butter
frozen blueberries (very messy, though, so not good for the car! But they are my girls' absolute favorite and we always keep some in the freezer for a quick fix for teething and busted lips :)
frozen peas
dehydrated, unsweetened coconut flakes

cut up dates, often with sunflower butter on them
black beans (my girls will eat them cold! But they stain as well, so be careful!)
cooked brown rice pasta (yes, they will eat that cold, as well :)
applesauce -- if you don't make your own, then please buy the unsweetened kind so you aren't giving your kids HFCS!!! The "original" kind is full of HFCS!
yogurt -- if you don't make your own, then try to get plain (unflavored) full-fat yogurt. It can be hard to find. When we are on the road, we get Fage Greek yogurt for the girls or Organic Stonyfield plain with the cream on top.

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