Thursday, January 7, 2010

A new favorite Oatmeal Bake

I love my oatmeal casserole, but the directions don't call for soaking the oats, which I like to do for better nutrition. I found this recipe and have been using it instead. We really like it. I usually pour milk over it for Karis because she loves to eat it that way :) I got this recipe from Keeper of the Home, a blog I really enjoy.

1 cup oil (I use any combination of butter, coconut oil, or olive oil)
1 ½ cups sugar (I use honey- about 1/2- 3/4 cup or even less. Because we also add fruit, this seems to be enough sweetness for us. I've also used maple syrup with great success.)
4 eggs
6 cups oats
4 tsp. baking powder
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. cinnamon (a bit more cinnamon is good, too!)
2 cups yogurt or milk
Variations: Adding chopped apples or raisins (or both) before baking is a wonderful addition, almost like eating dessert for breakfast!

1) Prepare (oil) a 9x13 pan. Mix oats well with milk or yogurt mixture. If you used yogurt, let soak in pan overnight for better absorption of nutrients. Then add in the rest of the ingredients the next morning; mix well.
2) Bake at 375° for 30-40 minutes until lightly browned.
3) We pour raw milk or cream, and add raisins or other fruit (if not added during baking) before eating.


Anonymous said...

This is a dumb question, but when you say "oil" the pan. Do you use all of the oil from the recipe or just traditional amt for prepping a pan? Thanks girl! This will be my first adventure in soaking oatmeal!!

Lauren Britton

Meg said...

Not a dumb question; the recipe was not very specific :) Just grease the pan like you normally would and save the the oil that is in the recipe to mix in with the rest of the ingredients. Hope yo like it!

Anonymous said...

Ok so all I can say is HUGE hit!! I didn't know about honey while I did Molasses and a dash of sugar. Wasn't terribly sweet but just enough! YUM! Mike wasn't here so we will see what he says but the kids loved it. Anna ~ "Mama thank you so much for making's SOOOOOOOO good!"


Anonymous said...

What kind of oats do you use? Sounds like a great recipe-thanks for sharing!

Meg said...

I just use regular rolled oats, but I think that steel-cut oats would also be delicious