Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sweeter Mashed Potatoes

Ever since our success with yummy parsnip chips, I've been interested in recipes using parsnips. I was skimming through an old recipe book last night (because I was getting ready to donate it to our share shop and wanted to make sure I wasn't missing a fabulous recipe :) and noticed a recipe that used parsnips in mashed potatoes. I couldn't find it again if I tried, but it came to mind tonight when I was fixing dinner. So I tried my own version and really liked it! My husband, who always tells me EXACTLY what he thinks of my concoctions (whether I want to hear it or not :) said, "I really like these; what did you do to them?" He was quite a fan. Even my picky toddler ate a whole bowlful of them! The parsnips definitely add a subtle sweetness that we all really liked. So here is what I did:

4 small baking potatoes
3 parsnips
1/2 to 3/4 stick of butter
enough milk to make them creamy (Sorry for the lack of measurement -- I just pour a little, mix a little, pour a little, mix a little, etc. til I get the consistency we like :)
salt to taste.

Directions: Wash potatoes and parsnips. I peel my parsnips because they remind me of carrots, but I really have no idea if most people peel them or not :) We don't peel our potatoes, but you can if you want to. Chop potatoes and parsnips into big chunks. Boil potatoes and parsnips together in a pot of water until soft. Drain. Mix together in a bowl with butter, allowing it to melt before adding the cold milk. Salt to taste.