Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Best Grilled Cheese Ever!

It is undoubtedly soup weather! Yay! And nothing (in my humble opinion:) goes better with any soup than a grilled cheese sandwich. I know I've already raved about how tons of coconut oil make the best grilled cheese sandwich. And I know I've already shared one of our favorite ways to make an especially delicious grilled sandwich, the Monte Cristo. But yesterday I made a different grilled cheese that my husband just raved about, so I decided to share it with you:)

Spoonfuls of coconut oil
Cinnamon raisin bread
sharp cheddar cheese
swiss cheese
very finely sliced apples, without peels
crispy bacon

Directions: Dump several spoonfuls of coconut oil in frying pan, heat on medium heat til melted. Stack cheeses, apple slices and bacon on bread slices; make sandwich. Grill sandwich in coconut oil on both sides til golden and crispy.


noahandlylasmommi said...

that sounds sooo yummy! Cant wait to try it!

Beth said...

This sounds really, really good!

Teri Selbher said...

I have recently found you blog (can't remember how) and have made several of your recipes. I just wanted to encourage you to please continue posting your recipes as they are SO useful and make my meal planning much easier. :)

Thanks so much!
Teri Selbher